15 Fastest Growing E-Commerce Retailers in 2021

Etsy and Walmart are the fastest growing retailers when it comes to e-commerce sales, according to a new ranking from eMarketer.

The ranking, which projects sales growth for 2021, also noted that the top 15 retailers by e-commerce sales will account for 72.3% of total e-commerce sales in the U.S. this year, Chain Store Age reported. 

Here are the top 10 U.S. companies with the biggest growth in e-commerce sales growth, as ranked by eMarketer:

  1. Etsy--up 26.9%
  2. Walmart--26.4%
  3. Chewy--25%
  4. Amazon--24.9%
  5. Costco--21.7%
  6. Apple--19.7%
  7. Wayfair--19.4%
  8. The Home Depot--18%
  9. Kroger--14.1%
  10. Macy’s--13%
  11. Target--12.5%
  12. Lowe’s--12.1%
  13. eBay--7.8%
  14. Qurate Retail Group--5.7%
  15. Best Buy--down 3.1%

Etsy tops the list after its platform saw huge sales growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers flocked to online shopping. In particular, Etsy was a popular place for consumers seeking homemade masks to protect themselves from contracting COVID-19. 

The majority of the companies on the list all saw sales booms partly because they were able to capitalize on pandemic-related products and services, including home improvement, online grocery and pet care. Many retailers were also able to offer consumers convenient fulfillment options, great prices or both, CSA reported. 

That also means that not all retailers will continue to see sales surge compared to 2019. Only  Etsy, Amazon, and Costco will see continued growth at higher levels than they did in 2019, CSA noted.

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