The 2017 Holiday Season is Here - How Well Do You Know Your Shoppers?

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By Retail Leader - 11/14/2017



In this webinar, we reveal early insight from the newest of a series of Global Shopper studies commissioned by Revionics and conducted by Forrester Consulting .  Learn what shoppers say are the determining factors that drive their loyalty, what they look for when deciding where to shop, and how they say they respond to some of the most common pricing and promotional concepts retailers continue to use to drive purchase behavior.

Join guest presenter, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst George Lawrie, and pricing and promotions solutions leader Revionics as we explore the insights from this second global shopper study and learn how you can avoid common pitfalls during the holiday season and beyond. Topics covered include: 

  • How patient are shoppers when it comes to getting the right price – how long are they willing to wait? 

  • What is the relative importance of price, quality, variety, speed and convenience to shoppers when they are choosing where to shop?

  • How does shoppers’ expectation differ across various store formats like discounters, DIY, fashion, and grocery?

  • Do shoppers still plan ahead when shopping channels and how do they feel about spot offers

  • Is loyalty dead or has the shopper just set the bar higher?

  • Promotions are being redeemed, and margins are taking a hit, but would shoppers have been just as happy paying full price?

Retailers must be aware of their shoppers’ pricing expectations this holiday – and beyond – to remain competitive and to make the right pricing and promotional decisions for themselves and their shoppers. Reserve your seat today!  Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the full research study once it is available in mid-January 2018.





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