2018 Disruptive Trends in Retail

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2018 Disruptive Trends in Retail

By Retail Leader - 08/27/2018

EnsembleIQ has tapped into its team of research experts and award-winning editors to bring you the key cultural trends dramatically impacting the world of retail.

Presented as a 10-part webinar series, 2018 Disruptive Trends in Retail delves into the nine trends dramatically influencing the purchase decisions of today’s shoppers.

The first video (chapter one) offers an overview of the nine trends and the ideology behind them, with each subsequent chapter taking a deeper dive into one of the trends. 

This series is a "must have" for anyone working in the retail industry. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1: Disruptive Trends Overview

This chapter looks at the six key cultural change drivers impacting the pace of retail change, and concludes with an overview of each of the nine disruptive trends.

Chapter 2: Conversational Commerce

Focuses on the trend of smart speaker technology and its projected rate of growth.

Chapter 3: Direct-to-Consumer

Focuses on the changing dynamics of retailers and supplier conversations.

Upcoming series chapters:
Chapter 4: Experience Matters
Chapter 5: The Privacy Conundrum
Chapter 6: Democratization of Retail
Chapter 7: The Ethical Enterprise
Chapter 8: Cyber Security
Chapter 9: Globalization
Chapter 10: Brand: Redefined

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To learn more about how your organization can leverage the research expertise of EnsembleIQ, contact Terese Herbig, President, Enterprise Solutions, EnsembleIQ at [email protected] or 773-992-4438.