Adidas Launches Digital World

Adidas has launched a digital experience in celebration of its latest Ozworld collection.

The experience is pegged as the world’s first personality-based, AI-generated avatar creation platform, in collaboration with Ready Player Me, a cross-game avatar platform for the metaverse. Users can create their unique digital selves, which can then be taken around the web exclusively with Ready Player Me. Ready Player Me enables users to take their avatar across virtual worlds with one consistent identity. 

A first for Adidas, the partnership with Ready Player Me allows users to have interoperability with 1,500 different metaverse games and apps.

Adidas’ launch comes as more retailers are entering the metaverse to connect with customers online. Pacsun recently launched Pacworld, where users can create their own malls where they are the owners and operators. The move extends on Pacsun’s existing presence in the metaverse with catalogs available on Roblox.

The Ozworld collection from Adidas––both online and in person––represents a platform for style experimentation and a rallying call for the pursuit of personal expression. The online experience asks users a series of questions, including their footwear silhouette favorites, to champion an essence of individuality, the company stated in a press release.

“Once this information has been shared, the platform will translate the input into a unique digital avatar that takes aesthetic inspiration from the collection’s dynamic visual codes,” Adidas stated in the announcement.

Once their characters are created, users can experiment with their avatars by animating them and digitally trying on and purchasing sneakers from the collection. Users can also download their Ozworld avatar to be used as stickers and GIFs across social media. 

Adidas views the move as a “bold step” to create a truly open and optimistic metaverse for all. The playground experience became available April 8, with adiClub Members and adidas NFT holders getting early access through a unique URL. The first avatars arrive April 28 across the metaverse.