Albertsons Kicks Off New Membership Program to Rival Amazon

Supermarket chain Albertsons is the latest retailer to launch a membership program with a subscription service for unlimited free delivery.
Albertsons online orders

The program, called FreshPass, is part of Albertsons’ plan to reintroduce its omnichannel solutions to shoppers, with a new suite of digital offerings. 

Executive Summary

The addition of a membership-based delivery program mimics Amazon, which has had its Prime service since 2007 and will overtake Walmart to become the world’s biggest retailer. Other mass retailers, including Walmart and Target, have also added free delivery services for membership holders.

The membership program also comes as Albertsons, along with other grocery retailers, continues to ramp up its grocery delivery capabilities. The company recently announced a 1,200-store partnership with Uber for grocery delivery, as well as a 2,000-store partnership with DoorDash.  

In addition to FreshPass, Albertsons has introduced a free Deals & Delivery app and an “Albertsons for U” shopper loyalty program, Progressive Grocer reported. FreshPass is available for an annual price of $99, or $12.99 per month, and offers free delivery on orders $30 and more. In select markets, delivery is available within two hours, as well as Drive Up & Go shopping. Customers can try the program for 30 days free, and members can find additional perks, such as 5% off Albertsons-owned O Organics and Open Nature brands.

Exec summary

The Albertsons for U program encompasses personalized deals, rewards and perks, including earning points that can be redeemed on groceries and gas and a free item every month. The Deals & Delivery app integrates the Albertsons for U loyalty program and the FreshPass subscription service program, equipped with a digital wallet and app coupon integration, list builders and a convenient pay-from-app functionality.

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