Albertsons Launches New Retail Media Network

Albertsons is jumping on the retail media bandwagon as it seeks to leverage data collected from the company’s ever-growing network of shoppers.
Albertsons front

With retail media networks rapidly reshaping the advertising space across the consumer media sector, the Albertsons Media Collective––led by Kristi Argyilan, Albertsons’ senior vice president of retail media––will offer partners a digital marketing platform and omnichannel solutions with the core consumer in mind, RIS News reported.

“Albertsons Media Collective will further our goal of bringing brands and our customers together by delivering an unrivaled vendor and customer experience and truly reimagining marketing for what’s next,” Argyilan said.

Albertsons Media Collective, developed in partnership with CitrusAd and Merkle, is focused on providing opportunities to connect brands with their most loyal shoppers by opening up native display and sponsored product inventory throughout the company’s websites. 

Brand campaigns will begin Feb. 27 and allow partners to access some of the most valuable positions across Albertsons’ websites and apps and tap into more than 100 million shoppers across the country, including more than 2,200 store locations and over 27 million members of the company’s Just for U loyalty program.

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