Amazon Ads Helps Enhance Brand Performance


Following solid growth on in 2020, largely from advertising efforts, personal care and self-tanning brand Bondi Sands sought to take its Amazon sales to the next level in 2021.

In an effort to drive brand awareness and grow new customers by 70% year-over-year in the third-party beauty category, Bondi Sands teamed up with digital marketing and media agency Stella Rising and tapped into Skai’s digital solutions to tackle the brand’s Amazon Ads goals.

Additionally, Bondi’s campaign goals included increasing product detail page traffic, conversion rates, ROAS, ad revenue and topline revenue, according to a case study recently highlighted on Skai’s website.

While brand awareness campaigns were the top priority for Bondi Sands in 2021, it was also important to incorporate lower-funnel campaigns to maintain a profitable ROI and achieve its overall ROI goal, according to the study,

Amazon’s demand side platform (DSP), coupled with Sponsored Ads, buoyed Bondi Sands’ Amazon Ads performance. The ability to view performance for both DSP and Sponsored Ads allowed the team to further improve management efficiency and enhance overall account performance.

Bondi Sands leveraged Skai’s Portfolio Optimization solution to increase Sponsored Ads campaigns and create “granularity and automation” on the campaign level with bid optimizations, dimensions, ROI goals, forecasts and reports, per the study. 

Bondi also used Skai Dimensions, which helped Stella Rising create custom scheduled reports to monitor performance and quickly identify meaningful insights. This gave Bondi the ability analyze and address performance and potential issues as they arose.

As a result, Bondi Sands drove “consistent gains” in ROI each month and increased upper-funnel revenue by 1,072% via Amazon Ads, according to Skai’s study, with product detail page traffic up 57%, topline conversion rates up 46% and topline revenue up 118%.

Additionally, Stella Rising drove ad revenue roughly 39% over Bondi’s goal with an advertising ROAS of 461% (versus its 2020 goal of 400%).