Amazon Debuts More Marketing Options for Sellers

Amazon is enabling some sellers on its site to reach consumers in a new way through marketing opportunities that didn’t exist previously.
Amazon website

A new tool allows U.S. companies under Amazon’s Brand Registry to get in touch with shoppers who follow their brands on the business’s store page. Consumers will get notified by the brands when new products launch or for new promotions. News of the pilot was first reported by CNBC.

The move is a sharp reversal for Amazon, which is far and away the biggest retail media network. The e-commerce retailer never previously allowed sellers to market directly to customers or enabled them to have their data such as email addresses. It has continually added features, such as Store pages that act as landing pages and Instagram-style Amazon Posts, to enable sellers to build an audience on Amazon’s website.

Exec summary

While personal information will remain private, Amazon will aggregate data for companies that use the Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool, showing how many emails are sent in marketing campaigns with followers as well as metrics, according to CNBC. Sellers will also be able to better launch new products, which has been a pain point on the platform. Companies often marketed on Facebook with retail media ads that drove customers to their product page on Amazon.

“Amazon is so algorithmically driven based on historical data, so if you have something that has no historical data, it’s very, very difficult to get Amazon to even order enough product,” Andrea Leigh, vice president of strategy and insights at e-commerce advisory firm Ideoclick and a former Amazon executive, told CNBC. “So this would give manufacturers another tool to try to promote new items.”

The tool is only available for companies on the Brand Registry platform, which includes more than 350,000 brands. Sellers can also increasingly add to their Store pages with interactive features such as videos--features that are also increasingly popular on streaming platforms such as Spotify, CNBC pointed out.