Amazon Will Ship Products for Outside Customers

Amazon is stepping up its shipping business to more directly compete with FedEx and UPS.
amazon shipping

The e-commerce giant is now shipping products for outside customers, CNBC first reported. The company already has a robust delivery fleet and workforce built over the last several years to offer fast, convenient shipping and delivery to its customers. Its Prime membership, which promises free, two-day delivery, has become the gold standard in e-commerce.

Now, Amazon’s global transportation network will work for outside merchants, as well. The company already offers some options for outside companies, including a logistics as a service program in the U.K., CNBC reported. The company also offers a Fulfilled By Amazon business, which includes orders not made on Amazon’s website and means customers are already receiving products from Walmart, eBay and other retailers in Amazon packaging.

The shipping expansion comes at a time when Amazon is continually adding new service lines and businesses. The company recently reported its capital expenditures were up 80% from the previous year.