Amazon’s Cashierless Checkout Comes to Whole Foods

Amazon is bringing its cashierless checkout system featured in its experimental shops to two Whole Foods stores.
Whole Foods store

The stores, located in the Glover Park neighborhood of Washington, D.C., and Sherman Oaks, California, will soon have the “Just Walk Out” technology Amazon first introduced at its Amazon Go cashierless stores and small-format grocery locations. In addition, Amazon rolled out the technology at Amazon Fresh stores. The two Whole Foods locations are scheduled to open in 2022.

In expanding the tech, Amazon has also ensured it works for self-service items, such as self-service fresh-squeeze orange juice and mochi ice cream stations.

Customers can choose if they want to use the Just Walk Out tech or go through the self-checkout lanes at the store upon entering. A store associate will greet customers, where they can make their choice for checkout, and the associate will be there to assist shoppers as needed. Customers can also check out with Whole Foods employees at the customer service booth.

“By collaborating with Amazon to introduce Just Walk Out Shopping at these two Whole Foods Market stores, our customers will be able to shop for fresh, thoughtfully sourced products that all meet our unparalleled quality standards, receive exceptional service from our associates throughout their shopping trip, and save time by skipping the checkout line,” John Mackey, co-founder of Whole Foods Market, wrote in a corporate blog post.

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