A collection of news, articles and other featured content about August 2011.

August 2011

  • The Roar of the Crowd

    Thomas Oh, vice president of marketing at Austin, Texas-based Big Red Inc., hoped to make a splash with his new marketing campaign for the company's red-colored soda. Crowdsourcing uses social media to tap into a lar
  • Counting Calories

    As Americans' collective girth continues to expand, the pressure on food manufacturers to produce less fattening, more nutritious products shows no signs of letting up. The movement toward healthier retail foods is nothing new, but it got a big boost when first lady Michelle Obama made it a priorit
  • Playing Politics

    Just about a year ago, Target Corp. unwittingly created a firestorm when it made a $150,000 donation to a group supporting the Minnesota gubernatorial candidacy of Republican Tom Emmer. Emmer, who ran unsuccessfully as a pro-business candidate, opposed expansion of gay and lesbian rights.
  • Visible Solutions

    New technology and practices in the food industry, along with a push from U.S.
  • Pulse Report: F&B Pricing

    Under pressure from higher commodity costs, food manufacturers and retailers are weighing whether to hike prices to preserve margins or hold the line with hopes of maintaining strong volume. New analysis from Symphony Consulting, a consulting unit of SymphonyIRI Group, shows that CPGs can have pric
  • Green Grocers

    Consumers are voicing their opinions louder than ever about how their food is produced, how far it travels, and how the companies selling it do business. But the food industry also is committed to sustainability in its own right—and rightfully so, say industry observers. "The [sustainabi
  • Get on the CLOUD

    Cloud computing is no longer pie in the sky, with a growing number of applications grounded in the latest software-as-a-service technology. Web-based applications hosted by third-party IT providers have come into their own as bandwidth has increased and storage costs have come down.
  • Execs Target Market Share to Shake Tough Economic Conditions

    Food execs' opinions reflect economic woes—and strategies to survive. The first Retail Leader Business Conditions Survey found retailers feeling just as you might expect: uneasy.
  • Pricing for Profit: The Commodity Inflation Challenge

    Higher commodity prices, fueled by strong global demand and adverse weather conditions, are presenting food companies and grocery retailers worldwide with a formidable challenge, say analysts and industry insiders. Food companies of all sizes are concerned about commodity inflation and the subseque
  • Welcome to Retail Leader

    During my four decades in business media, I have been extremely fortunate to interact with thousands of engaging executives and multi-faceted companies. I've witnessed our industry develop strategies to reinvent and re-engineer itself to align with consumer lifestyles and global trends.
  • From the C-Suite: The Right Stuff

    Schnuck Markets Inc. isn't trying to go head-to-head with Walmart. While Walmart means low prices, Schnuck Markets is the food expert, says Scott Schnuck, chief executive of the family-owned St.
  • Food Deserts

    Spurred on by government incentives, leading industry players are rolling out expansion plans to bring low-cost, healthy food to underserved urban and rural areas. Meanwhile, a variety of nontraditional food retailers are also getting in on the action.

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about August 2011.