Bed Bath & Beyond Presses Gas on Omnichannel

Bed Bath & Beyond Presses Gas on Omnichannel
According to the retailer, it aims to better serve customers in a digital-first environment.

Bed Bath & Beyond said it has expanded its relationship with Google Cloud, part of the retail chain’s ongoing push to beef up its omnichannel capabilities.

According to the retailer, it aims to better serve customers in a digital-first environment as it rebuilds authority in the home, baby, beauty and wellness markets.

To that end, the retailer is employing Deloitte as a strategic transformation services partner. Not only that, but the chain has signed a five-year agreement with Google Cloud to deploy a range of platform solutions to further personalize the shopping experience for customers, enhance fulfillment capacity, and optimize merchandise planning and demand forecasting.

Bed Bath & Beyond said it will leverage a number of Google Cloud technologies, including BigQuery, Spanner, Google Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine, to establish a singular view of customer data across its portfolio of brands. 

In August, Bed Bath & Beyond said that it would cut its workforce by about 2,800 positions, launch brands and take other steps to build out its omnichannel powers in the coming months. It has made some vital hires as part of the push.

As part of the technology improvements of that effort, here is what the retailer intends to focus on via its work with Deloitte and Google Cloud:

  • Data-driven, customer-centric decision-making: Bed Bath & Beyond will utilize BigQuery to grow its machine learning and analytics capabilities. The retailer will operate these new capabilities to garner unique insights and expertise in its core markets to enhance the chain’s ability to project future sales trends and, based on those projections, to make instant, customer-centric decisions with real-time data, better serving the market with improved demand prediction and optimized inventory and merchandise planning. 
  • Delivering a seamless, omni-always customer experience: Google Cloud will also help Bed Bath & Beyond meet the needs of its customers by creating a personalized, omni-always shopping experience with a more agile and predictive e-commerce platform. The retailer will also be able to use Google Cloud's AI-powered solutions to support the customers' entire shopping experience, from search navigation and checkout to delivery or pickup. 
  • Optimizing fulfillment strategy: Bed Bath & Beyond will be able to leverage Google Cloud's technology to harness its data and drive smart allocation to enhance management of fulfillment and cost. The partnership provides enhanced fulfillment capabilities at a massive scale to optimize virtually every aspect of the business, from demand forecasting to supply chain logistics and the customer experience.

“From day one, Google Cloud has leaned in, showing true partnership and a desire to help us grow, be more efficient and effective as a business,” said Bed Bath & Beyond President and CEO Mark Tritton. “I welcome the opportunity to expand our relationship, supported by Deloitte, creating a unique combination of expertise and authority to deliver a truly omni-always, personalized shopping experience for our customers.”

Bed Bath & Beyond first partnered with Google Cloud in 2017, leveraging their BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) white glove service to accommodate the surge in traffic during these moments and ensure revenue-critical systems were up-and-running.  

“Retailers are sitting on an incredible amount of data today, but this data is often siloed and lacks real-time processing.  And high-traffic events like Cyber Monday or the COVID-19 pandemic only put more stress on systems," said Carrie Tharp, VP of retail and consumer at Google Cloud.  “By migrating to Google Cloud, Bed Bath & Beyond expects to be able to reduce cost and drive business value through real-time analytics across marketing, merchandising, supply chain and more.”

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