Best Buy Turns Into Temporary PokeStop

a bunch of items that are posing for a photo

From Aug. 1-14, select Best Buy stores became temporary PokeStops as part of Niantic's Pokemon GO, the free augmented reality mobile game that lets players catch and fight digital monsters based on their real-world location.

For two weeks, Pokemon GO trainers can visit more than 800 Best Buy stores turned PokeStops and find and collect essential items, like PokeBalls and Pokemon eggs.

Best Buy is also using the opportunity to draw attention to the latest collection of Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) products, which mostly launched in June, such as:

  • The Pokemon GO Elite trainer box expansion, including 65 card sleeves featuring Mewtwo, 45 Pokemon TCG energy cards and a collector’s box for the cards.
  • The Mewtwo V or Melmetal V Pokemon GO V battle decks in multiple styles, including a 60-card deck, three reference cards and one code card to play online.
  • The Alolan Exeggutor V Pokemon GO collection, including four booster packs and one code card for Pokemon TCG Live.