Brookfield Properties Malls to Introduce AR-Powered Consumer Experiences

Brookfield Properties is introducing augmented reality in more than 100 shopping center locations for a new, technology-driven consumer experience for brands and retailers.
Mall signage

One of the world's largest real estate managers, Brookfield has partnered with The Aria Network--a disruptive media network--to provide endemic and non-endemic advertising through AR technology. The advertising will be displayed through digital store directories, wayfinding and unique in-store promotions for brands and tenants. 

Aria is known for powering the immersive AR experiences at the Super Bowl through the Pepsi Halftime AR, including musical artist The Weeknd. Aria has also powered Virtual Fan experiences in support of the opening of SoFi Stadium with the LA Rams, the LA Galaxy and Herbalife. The company is also bringing its advertising technology to other public spaces in stadiums, airports, concerts venues, music festivals and universities.

Executive Summary

The partnership comes at a time when shopping centers are still facing lower-than-average foot traffic as retailers emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. As consumers return to stores, new technology will likely enhance the retail experience and potentially give retailers an edge beyond innovations added to online shopping in 2020 and 2021.

“We are excited to partner with ARIA within our retail portfolio,” Brookfield Properties’ Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships Patrick Pechous said in an announcement. “Brookfield Properties is always seeking new, innovative experiences for our guests, and we know our shopping center communities will embrace this new offering.”

The Aria Network’s ARIA 360° AR will power advertising through Brookfield’s common areas in more than 100 locations across 42 states and over 150 million square feet of retail space. Shoppers can interact with the advertising through their mobile phones, utilizing content, a virtual mall directory, wayfinding in a mall environment, immersive retail displays, touch-free transactions, innovative in-store brand experiences and digital interaction with their family and friends.

“Through this agreement, we are able to leverage millions of square feet of untapped ad inventory--the virtual air rights in the common spaces of leading malls across the country,”  ARIA Co-CEO Darren Mann said in a statement. “For brands and tenants alike, this brings a highly-immersive and innovative form of advertising, through AR, that engages shoppers directly at the point of purchase, and that they can access simply by being prompted to scan their immediate environment using AR technology on their phones."

Exec summary

According to Aria, its technology has driven purchase intent and higher conversions, as well as provided more first-party data into shopper behavior.

“As shopper experiences are critical for engagement across the malls, place-based AR and interactivity in common areas provide an effective and efficient way to engage shoppers as soon as they enter the mall, drive further traffic to tenants, and allow for new partners to become part of the equation,” David Bell, former CEO of Interpublic Group and advisor to The ARIA Network, said in a statement. “With this partnership, ARIA and Brookfield are opening the door to a new frontier that will enable a better shopper experience in public spaces while monetizing previously non-revenue generating air space.”

Aria will begin working with partners for the 2021 holiday season to bring these innovative experiences to life at Brookfield Properties locations.