Brooklinen to Triple Brick-and-Mortar Presence

Brooklinen, the New York-based direct-to-consumer luxury home brand, plans to triple its retail presence in 2022 and launch a new hospitality-grade collection for hotel and B&B customers.
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The new line, dubbed Brooklinen for Business, features hospitality-grade offerings, including Brooklinen’s well-known The Chill and The Snuggle Sheets, as well as The Wrap Towel. In addition, Brooklinen announced a new warehouse in Canada, which will help boost the brand’s international presence. 

Overall, Brooklinen aims to have between 25 and 30 retail locations by 2024. That means Brooklinen will double its retail presence next year and the year following. The company plans to add locations in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco this year. The new stores will open in April, May and June 2022, including the company’s largest location in Los Angeles.

The move comes after Brooklinen saw a 227% growth in year-over-year retail sales in 2021. Brooklinen plans to “dedicate significant time” to each new location and will use customer data and feedback on locations and store types to inform store openings, drive profitability and best address customer needs.

"The world of shopping has completely transformed since we got our start in 2014, and so has the way our customers experience Brooklinen," Rich Fulop, co-founder and CEO at Brooklinen, said in a statement. "As our business reaches new heights, we're excited to continue meeting our customers wherever they want to find us through conscious, deliberate omnichannel expansion."

The new business line will meet the needs of Brooklinen’s hospitality clients, which are based in 46 out of 50 states and 10 countries worldwide. The Canada warehouse will serve clients in the region, achieving lower shipping costs and more expedited shipping options.

Brooklinen for Business will launch throughout April, with more offerings to come this year and beyond, with the warehouse opening late summer 2022.

“Beyond growing the business, our intention with retail is to authentically integrate into each community where we put down roots," Josh Illig, Brooklinen's vice president of retail, said in a statement. "Customers can expect thoughtful partnerships and events with local charities, businesses, and artists in every city. We love creating genuine interactions in our stores and look forward to bringing that experience across the country."