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May 2018


A frictionless future

The demise of the cashier has been a long time coming. First came self checkout systems that steadily gained popularity as the user interface improved. They are now widespread and continuing to expand even as leading retailers roll out app-based scan and go systems that leverage smartphones as scanner and payment devices. A new milestone in the advancement of the frictionless checkout experience occurred in January at the unveiling of the Amazon Go store in Seattle. Shoppers scan themselves into the store, take what they want and leave.

Why is Walmart dropping Scan and Go?

Walmart has abandoned mobile scan-and-go shopping at its U.S. stores.

Everything you need to know about chatbots

Retailers looking to pioneer mobile-first technologies that integrate with beauty shoppers' evolving shopping preferences have a new resource. Automat, an AI-focused marketing platform, has launched, a website focused on the technology and advancements within the segment. The website encourages beauty brands, tech vendors, developers, consumers and anyone interested in the use of messaging-based applications in the beauty industry to share information and resources on everything worth knowing about beauty bots. The beauty industry has readily adopted th
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