Canada Goose gets into recommerce with Trove partnership

The new resale platform, Canada Goose Generations, highlights the retailer’s commitment to sustainability, it says.
Two models wear Canada Goose apparel.
  • Canada Goose is getting into recommerce with a new “Generations” banner.
  • The new banner is a partnership with Trove, and consumers can send in used apparel from the retailer for a gift card. 
  • The overall resale market is projected to hit $289 billion by 2027

Canada Goose this week launched a new recommerce effort, Canada Goose Generations, which it says highlights its commitment to sustainability. 

The winter apparel retailer in a Jan. 31 press release said Canada goose Generations would be powered through a partnership with Trove, a third-party resale platform that has powered recommerce efforts for major brands such as Patagonia, REI, Nordstrom, Lululemon, Levi’s and Allbirds. 

The platform will allow consumers to trade in their used Canada Goose outerwear and apparel and “shop an assortment of renowned styles, iconic heritage pieces and limited-edition items” that include vintage items that will “drop frequently,” second-hand items and other Canada Goose products, according to the release.

Canada Goose says its entrance into the re-commerce market stems from its commitment to sustainability and its purpose platform, called “Humannature.” The brand noted that since 2009 it has donated extra fabric and materials to communities in northern Canada and also is committed to repairing its products.

“Canada Goose Generations is our purpose in action – a tangible and meaningful way to keep the planet cold and the people on it warm,” said Carrie Baker, president of Canada Goose, in the release. “We build products that last a lifetime and each one has a story to tell. Generations extends their collective tale while minimizing their environmental impact.”

It’s the latest retailer to get into the growing resale market, and like other major retailers, it’s doing so with the help of a third-party recommerce company. J. Crew earlier this year partnered with ThredUp to get into resale with its new “Always” banner, Retail Leader previously reported. Sustainability and circular fashion continue to become more important to both consumers and retailers, especially as retailers look to court purpose-driven customers. According to OfferUp’s 2022 Recommerce report, the recommerce market in the U.S. was estimated at more than $160 billion in 2021, up from about $140 billion the year before. Recommerce in all categories is projected to grow by 80% and hit $289 billion by 2027.

Canada Goose’s new platform is live now, and consumers can send in their used Canada Goose apparel to have it evaluated and authenticated, the release said. Consumers will be compensated for their product with a gift card, which they can use at Canada Goose stores and online. At launch, the resale program is limited to the U.S., but the Toronto-based retailer says it will bring the program to Canada later in 2023.