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Women changing the retail world

When it comes to gender diversity, the retail industry is in a better place than it was a decade ago, but clearly not where it wants to be positioned for the coming years.

How Raley’s unconventional approach and extreme measures allowed it to leapfrog natural and organic competitors.

Girish Rishi, the CEO of JDA Software Group, discusses moon shots, a new developer conference and a philosophy of co-creation that comes to life at the company’s new 13,200-sq.-ft. Customer Experience Center.

The retail industry is heading in the wrong direction on gender diversity, despite bold talk about inclusion. What went wrong?

Adopt a “be better” mindset to make a difference on diversity and inclusion.

Making sense of MAP policies in the age of Amazon.

Malls and neighborhood shopping centers are going to look and feel a lot different in the future as they make the shift to become consumer engagement spaces.

When Walmart increased an already robust veterans’ hiring commitment earlier this year it also expanded support for a unique organization focused on an issue few knew existed.

Labels the retail industry uses to categorize formats, channels and shopping centers never mattered to consumers and they shouldn’t concern retailers either.