Digital Transformation Glossary: E - F

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Digital Transformation Glossary: E - F

EAS (electronic article surveillance) label

Lightweight tag that is attached to a garment before the item is placed on the sales floor in order to deter shoplifting.


Wide range of online business activities for products and services.


Online learning platform that offers training and can be based on a retailer s requirements and updates about challenges in the rapidly changing business environment.

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Transfer of data between two companies in a format that can be read and understood by both parties.

Electronic product code (EPC)

Unique identifier used in an electronic identification tag to differentiate products in the supply chain.

Electronic product code information services (EPCIS)        

GS1 standard that enables trading partners to share information about the physical movement and status of products as they travel throughout the supply chain.

Electronic rack edge tag

IoT-powered electronic label that allows retailers to update all product information through the internet.