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Digital Transformation Glossary: How to Define the Future of Retail

Jon Obar
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There has been a lot of discussion about the digital transformation of retail, and yet the concept is so all-encompassing it can be a challenge to keep track of what it really means, where you are in the journey, and how it directly applies to your business.

In its simplest sense, digital transformation is about retailers taking advantage of technology to pursue new business models, streamline operations, and create personalized experiences for customers that drive loyalty and profitability.

Beyond the hardware and the code, it’s a philosophy of change in order to solve problems and fundamentally improve lives. There is no ON/OFF switch for it — it brings together our past, present and future in a state of simultaneous adaptation and evolution. It’s the store of tomorrow, open today.

Aperion and EnsembleIQ have partnered to research how digital transformation is shaping retail and how we as an industry can form a common lexicon to identify best practices and share our successes.

Are you ready for the digital transformation of retail?

Aperion is helping to create the future of food retail through digital transformation. We focus on shoppers, what they buy, and the environments in which they buy. Our strategists, innovators and technology integrators come together to enable retailers to not only effectively compete, but to continuously drive tangible bottom line results that positively impact loyalty, revenue and profitability.

EnsembleIQ is a premier business intelligence resource that exists to help people and their organizations succeed. We empower retailers, consumer goods manufacturers, technology vendors, marketing agencies and a vast ecosystem of service providers by leveraging an integrated network of media and information resources that inform, connect and provide actionable marketplace intelligence.

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