Digital Transformation Glossary: Q - R

Jon Obar
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QR (quick response) code

Type of bar code with a matrix of dots that can be scanned using a QR scanner or a smartphone with built-in camera to generate numbers or a string of characters.

Real-time data (RTD)

Information delivered immediately after collection, usually processed using real-time computing, although it can be stored for later or offline data analysis.


Real-time mobile messaging tool

Real-time communication tool that allows retailers to instantly connect with their target audiences through messaging to engage customers and personalize their shopping experiences.

Rewards mall

Group of websites that offer bonuses to customers for purchases, such as cash backs, frequent flyer miles, and points for settlement credits and gift cards.

RFID (radio frequency identification)

Technology that uses radio waves to identify people or objects carrying embedded microchips. Passive RFID is primarily used for tracking purposes. Active RFID allows additional data to be collected, e.g., temperature.

Robotic process automation (RPA)

Business process automation technology based on AI and software robots that helps in data analytics, product scanning, inventory management and administrative tasks.