DSW Partners with Cobblers Direct to Offer Shoe Repair

DSW customers can scan a QR code inside the store to place an order with Cobblers Direct and hand their shoes to a DSW employee.
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  • DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse now offers shoe repair services.
  • The services are provided through Cobblers Direct, an online shoe repair company based in Texas. 
  • Consumers are increasingly looking to make monetary choices that align with their own social values, including sustainability.  

DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse is partnering with the online shoe repair company Cobblers Direct to offer shoe repair services at all its stores.

According to a release, DSW customers can scan a QR code to place a shoe repair order through Cobblers Direct via their own smartphone before handing their pair of shoes to a DSW employee at the counter. Cobblers Direct will work with the customer to determine what repairs are needed, and when the shoes are repaired, customers can pick them up at the DSW store where they dropped them off. 

DSW is owned by Designer Brands, and there are more than 500 locations across the U.S. in 44 states.

"DSW is hyper-focused on delighting our customers, offering diverse brands and delivering products with speed, and we coordinate with the best partners to make our business succeed," said Doug Howe, president of DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse, in the release. "We want customers to enjoy and get the most out of their purchases, so if they ever need a product repair, DSW's partnership with Cobblers Direct ensures convenient access to highly experienced and skilled repair services."

Texas-based Cobblers Direct is the online spin-off of The Shoe Hospitals, which has been in business since 1906.

"We believe that repairing shoes, boots and bags – and not throwing them away – will lead to a healthier planet and happier humanity", said Stephen Kelly, co-founder and CEO of Cobblers Direct, in the release. "Together with DSW, shoe lovers all over the country now have easy access to expert repair services so they can enjoy their beloved items once again."   

As Retail Leader Pro recently noted, consumers are increasingly flocking toward brands that act in line with their own social values, including when it comes to sustainability practices. In total, 64% of consumers said they felt a brand’s social responsibility efforts were important, according to 360 Market Reach.

The number was even higher — 67% — among millennials and Gen Z. More than two-thirds of young people said their choices are influenced by environmental, social and governance factors, according to McKinsey & Co.