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E-Grocery Automation: Deploying Micro-Fulfillment for Macro Results



Rapid adoption of grocery e-commerce in the past six months exposed two realities about the food retailing industry. Grocers are a nimble group who quickly rose to meet surging demand for e-commerce, but doing so led to new fulfillment challenges and profit pressures. 

As e-commerce continues to grow, retailers understand there is a role for automation to play, but what exactly that looks like is unknown. To help bring clarity to food retailers' digital future, Progressive Grocer & Retail Leader has teamed with the supply chain experts from global logistics leader Swisslog to share insights on:

  • The state of grocery e-commerce adoption and the outlook for future growth.
  • What’s working now — best practices from market leaders.
  • Promising technologies to improve order fulfillment processes.
  • The role of automation in next generation supply chains.

The future is never certain, but it kind of is when it comes to expectations for the continued growth of grocery e-commerce. In fact, the future is now and the time is right to accelerate innovation with automated fulfillment solutions.




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