Executive Leadership: Guiding Principles

Strong leadership often is considered a key driver of company performance, and integrity and communication skills are regarded as the most important attributes for executives in positions of power.

More than three-quarters of executives surveyed by Retail Leader identified integrity as extremely or very important for leadership, while about two-thirds cited communication skills as critical. Vision was highly ranked by nearly half of respondents, while creativity, fairness, openness and compassion were selected by a minority of those surveyed.

About one-third of companies offer formal leadership training programs, but most executives engage in some form of leadership learning on their own. Eight of 10 respondents said they participated in seminars and workshops, while 70 percent relied on books and more than half turned to magazines, newspapers and online content. Peer-to-peer learning, business networks and webinars also were cited as ways to gain knowledge about leadership.

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What's important for executive leadership?What sources do you use for self-learning?

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