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Foodshift: Winning the Share of Stomach Battle



Everything about food and the way Americans eat is being disrupted and the implications for retailers are huge. From the discovery of new recipes and ingredients, to shopping behaviors, product preferences and where food is consumed – it is all very different. These dramatic shifts in behaviors have caused food retailers to lose share in a growing market. 

There is reason to be optimistic however, as new research from Precima and IDC Retail Insights shows. They surveyed 3,000 shoppers and 200 retailers about their behaviors and perceptions of loyalty and in the process dispel misperceptions about marketplace dynamics and uncover overlooked but effective growth strategies. 

Join Retail Leader as we host a webinar with Precima and IDC Retail Insights that will blow the lid off of some long held perceptions that are holding your business back while revealing next-gen opportunities to win the share of stomach battle. Among the topics to be covered are:

  • Causes of disruption and how grocers can turn the tide to regain share. 
  • What consumers really think about food retailers and why. 
  • Threat or opportunity: how retailers can win with innovation. 
  • The new recipe for shopper loyalty in the digital era. 

Be part of the conversation about the future of food Retailing. Register today to participate in this webinar.




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