To Gain Trust, Put Facts Up Front

Facts Up Front helps educate shoppers on making informed choices at the shelf. To start, retailers can register at so they can access the style guide, assets and other elements to employ these resources at their stores.

The Food Marketing Institute and Grocery Manufacturers Association recently launched a retail in-store program related to Facts Up Front, a voluntary initiative to display Nutrition Facts Panel information on the front of food packages. Facts Up Front labels display how many calories and how much saturated fat, sodium and sugar is in each serving. Some labels may also provide information about nutrients, such as fiber and calcium.

Today, more than 60 companies are implementing Facts Up Front. These companies represent about 70% of branded sales nationally and make up almost 80% of private label SKUs. Consumers have responded to the Facts Up Front campaign by engaging on the website, Facebook and more.

A new in-store marketing toolkit is available for food retailers to facilitate participation in the Facts Up Front campaign. It includes coordinated communications tools such as:

  • Retail signage (shelf blades, end caps, pallet wraps, etc.), FSI templates and style guide;
  • Sample blog posts, web site copy and on-hold scripts;
  • Tools for registered dietitians working in store; and
  • Customer service tools for store associates.

The complete kit is available online at and allows for customization, including the addition of banner logos. Companies can visit the retail portal, download the tools they want to execute at retail, and use their preferred vendors for printing and fulfillment. Retailers are encouraged to call a meeting of their Facts Up Front participating suppliers to jointly plan and execute promotions in-store.

Cathy Polley, RPh, is Vice President, Health & Wellness, FMI & Executive Director, FMI Foundation


Question: What do shoppers get out of the program?

Answer: Facts Up Front makes it easier for consumers to shop smart by placing the nutrition facts most important to the shopper on the front the pack. Shoppers no longer have to scour the nutrition panel to find the facts they care most about. It also helps shoppers to compare similar products at shelf.

Question: Has it been tested with shoppers?

Answer: Yes, and the data suggest that Facts Up Front strengthened shoppers' comprehension and comfort levels with the featured nutrition information.

Question: How does the retailer benefit?

Answer: By providing this information to shoppers through Facts Up Front, shoppers are more likely to perceive the retailer as concerned for the health and well-being of their customers. This goes a long way in generating shopper loyalty.