Guess which meal kit brand gets the most buzz?

Gina Acosta
Executive Editor
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To measure their brand health and reputation, Tracx analyzed nearly 350,000 social conversations, posts, and interactions, sentiment and engagement across the top 14 social networks from May 14 through June 12, 2017. 

"As it is for many businesses built on the web, social media is integral to the success of meal kit businesses," said Jenifer Kern, CMO of Tracx. "Social media shapes overall reputation, how they build their brand, expand their reach, and interact with consumers. Meal kit businesses are not just social media darlings, they rely heavily on social media marketing to drive customer acquisition and retention."

Key findings from the report include:

  • Female Millennials Dominate: 66% of Blue Apron's and 79% of HelloFresh's social activity comes from female consumers with Blue Apron attracting a wider age range (18-54) vs. HelloFresh's 25-34 range.
  • Instagram is King: Both brands use Instagram as a major social media platform – 75% of HelloFresh and 61% of Blue Apron's social activity occur on Instagram. Blue Apron has broader social coverage as it's also active on Facebook, forums, blogs, Flickr, etc.
  • Share of Voice (Winner: Blue Apron): Blue Apron leads in terms of conversation volume with more than 6,000 conversations vs. HelloFresh's 4,400. Blue Apron also leads in mention volume with more than 7,400 mentions vs. HelloFresh's 3,000.
  • Interactions (Winner: HelloFresh): HelloFresh takes the reigns for number of interactions with over 170,000 interactions vs. Blue Apron's 144,600.
  • Sentiment (Winner: Blue Apron): Blue Apron tops HelloFresh in positive sentiment, and pulls in less negative sentiment than HelloFresh.
  • Positive posts about Blue Apron are about the business and meal delivery services; those about HelloFresh consist of clean, healthy eating and fitness.
  • Negative posts about Blue Apron and HelloFresh driven by customer service and delivery issues. HelloFresh sees more disappointment after receiving the kit.
  • Engagement (Winner: HelloFresh): Across all social media, HelloFresh edged out Blue Apron with a 74% overall engagement rate vs. Blue Apron's 65%. On Facebook, HelloFresh boasted a 99% engagement rate vs. Blue Apron's 82%.

A copy of the full report, including charts, is available for download at