Harris Teeter offers grocery shopping 3.0

Gina Acosta
Executive Editor
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Harris Teeter is leveraging technology to drive sales growth by completely revamping the grocery store shopping experience.

The retailer is partnering with Myxx to launch a fully-integrated omnichannel shopping experience that allows Harris Teeter customers to translate online recipes into dynamic shopping lists and buy groceries via one customized site.

“By choosing Myxx to deliver a superior shopping experience, Harris Teeter is once again leapfrogging over its competitors and leveraging technology to win,” said Monica Wood, CEO of Myxx. “Myxx is extremely proud to be their platform of choice to expand their customer offerings, increase online sales, and strengthen strategic brand relationships through”

On, customers can browse, save and share recipes, create personalized shopping lists, and bypass the wait of more expensive boxed meal solutions. At the same time, Harris Teeter can leverage real-time insight to drive measurable sales lift and engage with customers across their path-to-purchase.

“Myxx had the experience, digital advertising insight and tech capabilities to create an end-to-end solution for Harris Teeter that connects brands, retailers, and consumers in ways previously impossible. And, we were able to roll it out in days, rather than months or years,” said Dede Houston, COO of Myxx. “We look forward to helping other organizations and brick-and-mortar stores easily embed the online and data-parsing functionality they require to survive and thrive within this rapidly evolving industry.”

The platform allows users to select from thousands of recipes online and dynamically translates the ingredients to in-store product SKUs. Through Myxx’s proprietary List-to-Cart technology, shoppers get the convenience of creating a dynamic grocery list, which can be used in-store or sent instantly to ExpressLane for same-day pickup or delivery. Myxx also works with brands to sell placement and earn a permanent spot on every shopper’s list. Product prices at Myxx match that of the online prices at the retail locations, and Myxx does not collect fees from consumers.

Myxx is expanding and has secured strategic partnerships with leading grocery brands such as Perdue, Eggland’s Best, ARS Sugar and LandOLakes among others. Myxx also offers over 50,000 recipes, 1,200 Store Locations across 36 States, and 157,000 Product SKUs.