Havenly Expands In-Person Services

Havenly, the largest nationwide interior design business, is expanding into the in-person interior styling business.
gen z

The new business service will combine Havenly’s technology model, including its recently-acquired photorealistic 3D capabilities from Occipital, custom product line with The Inside, and their interior designers to provide a holistic, hands-on design experience. The move will help Havenly extend its national interior design brand and offer a transparent pricing model and democratized access to interior designers through its proprietary tech.

The model is different from the status quo, where in-person design services have a long lead time that tend to prioritize luxury homes and high budgets. That focus has left a gap in the market for many seeking professional interior design services, Havenly noted in its announcement.

The new service responds to the tastes of Gen Z and Millennials, leveraging technology and transparency to create the new business model. Havenly’s in-person design business offers an entry point to interior design for this demographic.

"I saw clear white space in the market where, [by] melding technology and human curation, we could bring the power of interior design to everyone and support our customers with a transparent cost structure and furniture sourced from all price points,” Lee Mayer, co-founder and CEO of Havenly, said in a statement. “Havenly was created to make design collaborative, accessible and fun, regardless of budget, style profile or location. Our expansion responds to the requests of our customers over the years, adding in-person services to deliver an enhanced design experience for our customers and addresses a market typically overlooked by other models."

The expansion to in-person design services comes after Havenly’s acquisition of direct-to-consumer home furnishings brand, The Inside, which offers custom furniture and home decor to its customers. 

The in-person design services are now available for early access pricing of $499 ($200 off) for the first room design and $199 for each additional room. The services are currently available in Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Houston; and New York, and will expand to an additional 20-30 cities nationwide in the next 12 months.