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Here comes another disruptor

By Gina Acosta - 02/06/2018

A meat industry leader is joining the roster of suppliers that are launching direct-to-consumer programs.

Strauss Brands announced it is making its American-raised grass-fed and finished beef more accessible to shoppers with the launch of their online store, Free Raised Direct.

"As consumers are increasingly demanding a higher caliber of meat that is good for their family and the Earth, we've made it our mission to increase the availability of our chef-quality, grass-fed beef," said Randy Strauss, CEO and Co-President of Strauss Brands. "We take pride in our long-standing national retail and food service partnerships and the launch of Free Raised Direct gives another momentous step forward, allowing us to expand into areas where our retail presence may not yet exist."

Strauss Brands is the latest company to make the jump from vendor to selling direct to consumer. Many CPG companies and suppliers are following suit, including Campbell Soup, Mondelez, L'Oreal, Fulton Fish Market, and others. This is putting added pressure on retailers who now must worry about their suppliers selling direct via the Internet. 

Retail sales of labeled grass-fed beef reached $272 million in 2016, up from $17 million in 2012 and doubling every year1. Yet, as much as 80 percent of grass-fed beef is imported, despite there being numerous benefits for U.S. raised grass-fed beef.

"Independent research has shown American grass-fed beef to be better for human health, animal welfare, environmental protection, taste and flavor," said Tim Strauss, Co-President of Strauss Brands. "Whether consumers are shopping in-store or getting our products delivered direct to their door, we are making it easy to enjoy authentic, great-tasting grass-fed beef while supporting sustainable American family farmers."

Free Raised Direct will curate monthly selections by pairing seasonal cooking trends with Strauss' farm-fresh offerings. For a more customized experience, customers can shop the an a la carte menu.

See the website here.


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