Here's why Trader Joe's is on top

Research shows that mapping emotional cues to customer experience is the key to competitive advantage and growth.

A recent study demonstrates that it is the emotional aspects of customer experience that help companies stand out from the competition and create growth.

C Space, a division of the Interbrand Group of Companies, has released Customer, Experienced, a new report which codifies the 21 emotional cues that drive where and why people choose to spend—and statistically links those factors to company growth metrics. According to the report, Trader Joe’s, L.L.Bean, Nordstrom, Amazon and Disney offer some of  the best customer experiences of 2018.

Findings in the report prove that companies which display the same emotional cues that people value in strong human relationships—such as making customers feel smart and proud, noticing and appreciating loyalty, being interested in ongoing dialogue and sharing customers’ values—outperform companies that don’t. Companies that deliver better on these emotional cues saw a direct correlation to growth. These cues are linked to increased volume and frequency of purchase and also likelihood to recommend. In short, customers who have more emotionally connected experiences with companies help those companies grow.

In the study, 26,000 US consumers were asked to think of a company that “gets them” and rate that company against 21 emotional cues, including “They notice and appreciate my loyalty” or “They make me feel smart.” The study collected opinions on more than 1,000 top companies, across 19 industries.

“Customers have the ultimate power: the power of choice, said Charles Trevail, Global Chief Executive Officer of both C Space and Interbrand. “Companies that connect with who we want to be, not who their data says we were. Our research shows that mapping emotional cues to customer experience is the key to competitive advantage and growth. The companies that customers rate most highly are the ones that understand relevance, what to stand for and when to listen. If a customer believes a company is ‘getting it right’ they are more likely to behave in ways that help drive growth through repeat purchase, recommendation and loyalty.”

The top ten companies ranked through the survey are:

#1 St. Jude Children’s Hospital

#2 Texas Roadhouse

#3 Trader Joe’s

#4 L.L Bean

#5 Nordstrom

#6 Chick Fil A

#7 Amazon

#8 Disney

#9 Hilton

#10 Netflix