At-Home Hair Colorist Madison Reed Debuts Interactive Displays

Hair care company Madison Reed is launching an interactive digital switch panel that will help customers find the right hair color.
madison reed store

The technology, the OnQ Converge digital engagement platform, is integrated with 46-inch Elo touchscreens and guides customers through finding their desired hair color, including level of grey coverage and intensity. Customers tap their way through a series of questions to narrow down their choices, and their hair shade of choice can be texted to their phone.

Executive Summary

The announcement is similar to Amazon’s latest innovation into brick-and-mortar, Amazon Salon, which introduced technology that enabled customers to try out different hair colors on screen. The innovations come at a time when retailers are looking for new ways to bring customers back into stores and increase personalization within the shopping experience. 


The displays aim to boost hair color sales at the company’s four brick-and-mortar stores in Manhattan, Miami, Chicago and Boston. Customers also can opt to have the full details of the hair color sent to their phone to take the digital sample home with them for later purchase, and to receive advice from others. About 12% of the 1,500 customers who used the displays during the testing period sent the information home for later use. 

“Helping someone discover their perfect shade is the most important interaction we have with our customers,” said Andrew Lande-Shannon, Madison Reed senior director of store experience. “Enhancing the process with the digital swatch panel introduces a certain air of playfulness that makes the whole experience much more approachable and fun.”

Madison Reed reported the displays have significantly increased engagement at all four of its stores. All points of interaction are on the display screens, which also include a library of informative videos about at-home hair coloring and the company’s history, and the average customer engagement is more than three minutes.

The platform captures the interactions, providing insights to personnel, aggregate and average data for product visits, session duration, video plays, and when customers send information to their phones for later use.

Two displays were piloted at retail-only stores, and two were tested at Madison Reed’s full-service Color Bar stores, and each type of store revealed their own data insights. Within the retail-only stores, customers searched an average of 2.86 products, while those at the full-service stores searched an average of 1.79 products. Customers at the retail-only stores were also more likely to view instructional videos compared to Color Bar customers, revealing the retail-only stores may attract a wider audience that is less informed on the company and its products.