Imagining the future of life and retail


Technology driven change is happening quickly, prompting predictions about how American’s will live, work, play and shop that seem outlandish, but probably aren’t.

 The World Economic Forum, a Switzerland-based organization whose lofty mission is to improve the state of the World, offers a forward-looking take on five technologies that are likely to impact daily life by 2030. In a piece titled, “This is what life will be like in 2030,” co-authors by Mike Moradi and Lin Yang paint a futuristic vision that is probably closer to eventual reality that some unattainable science fiction dream that defies the laws of physics.

 Moradi is co-founder and CEO of Sensulin, a company developing the first once-a-day insulin for diabetes. Yang is founder and President of the Innovation Ideas Institute, a think tank dedicated to research on innovation in China.

 To broaden your thinking about future possibilities, click here.

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