Inside Petco’s Reddy Flagship

a group of people walking down a street in front of a store

In October 2021, Petco opened its first Reddy flagship store in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. The Reddy store — which is dedicated to its premium lifestyle private label for dogs — serves as an urban boutique offering an elevated shopping experience and curated Reddy merchandise for pets and pet parents.

Reddy launched in 2018 and quickly became one of Petco’s most popular brands, inspired by Millennial pet parents looking for high-quality, functional and sustainably made products. The brand assortment spans apparel, collars, leashes, harnesses, beds, bowls, feeders and travel accessories. With Millennials being Petco’s original inspiration for the brand, that also carried true in the design of the physical store, which was created in partnership with architecture and design firm Little.

The Reddy store offers an interactive experience, including a lounge area with free Wi-Fi, phone charging stations at a customization table, a fitting station, Instagramable walls and decor, a refrigerated wall for cold dog food, a “Bark Board” for community updates and a pet polaroid wall showcasing furry shop-goers in their element.

“Owned brand innovation and growth continues to be an integral part of Petco’s overall strategy, and Reddy is at the forefront,” a Petco representative told Retail Leader sister-brand Path to Purchase IQ. “Petco has more than 55 years’ worth of expertise designing pet products and we’re applying that credibility to this Reddy boutique.”

In the coming months, Petco plans to offer a calendar of events at the store for locals. “We offer customization services like personalized pet tags and on-site product monogramming, which we continue to enhance for our customers,” says the rep, adding that Petco will also offer products exclusive to Reddy SoHo and launch new product innovations this year.

“Reddy addresses a white space in the market across both national and private brands, by delivering clever, effortless solutions for pet parents, with an aesthetic that fits seamlessly into the urban millennial lifestyle,” the rep said. “We know that Reddy shoppers care about sustainability, an on-the-go lifestyle and outdoor activities, so we’ve created a brand that perfectly caters to this audience.”

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