July / August 2012

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July / August 2012

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about July / August 2012.

Kings Food Markets' Local Fresh 24/7 program is proof of the power of teamwork. The locally grown program, which brings fresh produce into the stores within 24 hours of harvest, is the result of a cross-functional team that met for about six months starting in the fall of 2011 a

The struggling economy might be slowing some retailers' plans for geographic expansion, but it hasn't quashed their efforts to keep up with the Joneses. If anything, store remodels are more popular than ever as retailers strive to get the most bang for their capital improvement buck and outsh

Most executives could use eyes in back of their heads and another set of ears. Enter the unglorified middle manager. Like an air traffic controller guiding pilots into airports they cannot see through fog, middle managers are management's eyes and ears.

While Walmart stole the spotlight in Mexico this year with the controversy over alleged bribes of government officials, on the other end of the spectrum, many top-of-the-line grocers were quietly winning over consumers with fresh produce, imports and other premium products.

Strong leadership often is considered a key driver of company performance, and integrity and communication skills are regarded as the most important attributes for executives in positions of power. More than three-quarters of executives surveyed by Retail Leader identified integrity as extremely or

If you think offering the right products at the right prices in the right location is enough to be successful these days, think again. That strategy might get you started in retail, but it won't protect you from the competition.

CPGs and retailers should target millennial shoppers much the same way they have targeted other large groups of consumers during the recession, with a definition of value weighted heavily, but not exclusively, toward price and convenience.

Workforce planning is hardly a new concept, but it is becoming more complicated. When the financial crisis hit a few years ago, retailers and CPG companies were challenged to reduce short-term staff strategically without losing critical talent.

Fresh is in. At a time when conventional supermarkets are being pressured by higher costs and greater competition, a wave of new fresh markets offers promise.

Today the race to grow internationally is becoming increasingly competitive. As retailers explore opportunities in foreign markets, they often examine merchandising, store locations and logistics but fail to take cultural differences into consideration.

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