A collection of news, articles and other featured content about July / August 2014.

July / August 2014

  • Employee Food Safety Training - The Foundation of a Food Safety Culture

    Retailers face a number of food safety challenges: supply chains are becoming more and more complex; regulatory requirements are increasing; consumer preferences are changing; prepared foods offered at retail are expanding; and our workforce is changing.
  • Happy Anniversary!

    The retail industry has embraced the only publication dedicated to its executive management.
  • Paris Show Presents Global Face

    Some 150,000 international visitors are expected at this year's SIAL Paris show. Food retailing professionals will get an up-close look at trends in France and th
  • Forecasting the Future of Fresh, the Supermarket Stronghold

    In food retail, everything starts with the shopper. We operate in a consumer-driven industry with an inextricably linked value chain – consumers are more in control and they expect an engaging and enjoyable in-store/shopping experience.
  • What's On Your Mind?

    A large portion of my time as editor of Retail Leader is spent sifting through and reading the mountain of information that's made available to me every day.
  • Coupons: Coupons Getting Discounted

    Less than half of survey respondents still offer them, and their formats vary wildly in every respect. Perhaps no aspect of CPG retailing is in a greater state of flux than coupons–what form they should take, where they should come from, and whether they should even exist. Less than ha
  • Recognizing Unsung Heroes in Food Retail

    FMI Connect award programs recognize store-level managerial, culinary and wellness employees and programs that contribute to improving the company and the communities they serve. Store Manager Awards: Now in its fifteenth year, FMI's Store Manager Award program represents our desire to e
  • Analyzing the Future

    Every business would like to have an accurate crystal ball. But since they don't exist, predictive analytics is the next best thing. Predictive analytics is the systematic study of historical results, of sales or other aspects of a business, to determine patterns and predict future performance.
  • Beginner's luck

    When Bo and Trish Sharon decided to make the switch from restaurateurs to grocers, they thought of it as a natural transition.
  • The Power of the Vote

    On June 10th, we had just concluded day one of FMI Connect and a speech by Hillary Clinton coinciding with the release of her book, "Hard Choices," when my phone buzzed with a full screen of missed calls, voicemails and texts.
  • Top Speakers Draw Retailers to GMA Leadership forum

    GMA will host its inaugural Leadership Forum at The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colo., this Aug. 22-24.
  • Reject Complacency

    photos by vito palmisano

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about July / August 2014.