Kellogg’s Invests $45M in Supply Chain Reorganizing

Kellogg’s is planning to spend roughly $45 million to reorganize its supply chain network.
Kellogg's sign

The plan aims to improve productivity and includes shifting production of various products to optimal lines across the network, Consumer Goods Technology reported.

The plan comes at a time when industries across the global economy are facing supply chain challenges, including shortages, delays and port congestion.

Kellogg’s believes its plan will be “substantially completed” by 2024, with other productivity improvements starting in 2023 to help offset the cost of inflation and reinvest in its brands. Within the $45 million investment, $21 million is devoted to capex and $4 billion is doled out to employee-related costs. Another $20 million will be non-cash costs, including accelerated depreciation and asset write-offs.

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