Kroger Launches Private Marketplace for Advertising

Kroger Precision Marketing, powered by its 84.51° data science subsidiary, has launched a private marketplace for programmatic advertising.
Kroger shop

The new marketplace enables brands to target consumers by applying Kroger audience data to programmatic campaigns within their preferred ad-buying platform. As the nation’s largest grocery chain serving 60 million U.S. households, Kroger has a vast database. According to Kroger, brands can reach the most relevant consumers with flexibility, speed and control over their campaigns, which are optimized against actual retail sales using their own DSP of choice.

The targeted campaigns have led to three times more sales among penetrated households compared to the average consumer, according to 84.51°. Kroger Precision Marketing also promises data security through a deal ID, which facilitates appropriate programmatic use while still giving agencies the flexibility to activate across many platforms.

Publicis Groupe, which acquired retail media solutions provider CitrusAd earlier this year, was the first holding company to participate in a beta test of the private marketplace. 

“We’re still in the early days of seeing e-commerce disrupt shopping habits,” said Cara Pratt, senior vice president of Kroger Precision Marketing at 84.51°. “This is an important time for brands to leverage retail insights to influence new shopping behaviors.”