Kroger 'opts' for health and wellness tech

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Kroger 'opts' for health and wellness tech

By Louisa Hallett - 07/16/2018
The app, known as OptUP, is being introduced as an innovative data-driven app that helps customers make more informed.

Kroger has officially launched a new app to help shoppers make healthier purchase decisions.

The app, known as OptUP, is being introduced as an innovative data-driven tool that helps customers be more informed about products. The app provides product ratings and a "gamified" dashboard to encourage shoppers to make better-for-you food decisions.

The app is all part of Kroger's focus on health and wellness, which also includes it's highly successful Simple Truth private label line and other initiatives.

"Kroger's new OptUP app is transformational for the food retail industry," said Collen Lindholz, Kroger's president of pharmacy and The Little Clinic. "The app puts nutritional information at your fingertips and makes finding and buying better-for-you products easier and simpler."

The OptUP app features include:

  • "Scoring" groceries you buy using nationally-recognized dietary guidelines
  • Receiving personalized product recommendations
  • Viewing your household OptUP score
  • Scanning and searching items to find nutrition facts and product alternatives
  • Adding better-for-you options to your digital cart for curbside pickup or delivery

"The definition of health will continue to change – and there will be differences for various customer segments. The task of aligning your retail strategies to trends will remain a moving target. To that end, a retailer’s pursuit of promoting health will never be finished," said Dan Jones, VP Topco Member Solutions and Business Development, Customer Intelligence Division, Symphony RetailAI. "You have to be ready for an ongoing relationship, one that the customer is going to drive. Retailers who adopt and innovate on their health and wellness strategies, as Kroger is doing, are well-positioned to lead with these important customers in the competitive retail industry.” 

The OptUp scores are based on a nationally recognized nutrient profiling system that’s been enhanced by Kroger's team of Registered Dietitians. This system helps to summarize the information on nutrition labels, making it easy to compare similar products and find better-for-you options.

"OptUP is a collaboration among our health, tech, digital, and 84.51° teams," said Yael Cosset, Kroger's chief digital officer. "The data-driven app creates a more transparent and educational experience for our customers, continuing our commitment to help Americans shop, eat, and live healthier on their terms."

Kroger says it will continue to improve the OptUP app by adding more features and greater personalization for customers' specific health needs and preferences.

See how the app works in this video.





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