Kroger's Retail Media Adds Video, CTV Advertising


Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM), Kroger’s retail media business powered by 84.51, has expanded its private programmatic marketplace to include video and connected TV (CTV) inventory. CPG brand and agency advertisers can use the retailer's sales data to target relevant households with inventory suppliers like Magnite, OpenX, PubMatic and Xandr.

Launched in 2021, the Kroger Private Marketplace is a self-service platform. It helps advertisers reach households by applying first-party retail sales data to programmatic campaigns within their preferred ad-buying platform.

Kroger’s expansion into video and CTV was built to address audience fragmentation in traditional TV CPG advertisers have experienced for years, according to a news release from the retailer.

"Streaming is the number-one way people consume TV today," said Cara Pratt, senior vice president, KPM, in the release. "That means the majority of TV viewing hours can now be optimized in the programmatic environment. Our retail data precisely reaches households — such as lapsed or infrequent brand buyers — and then matches advertising exposure to store sales to measure brand impact."

Kroger serves 60 million households annually nationwide. KPM sells self-service advertising on Kroger’s digital properties, managed-service advertising through publisher collaborations and programmatic advertising through its private marketplace.

With the new programmatic capabilities, Kroger says advertisers have self-service access to:

  • Audience intelligence through retail sales data to reach relevant CTV and video households.
  • Customizable premium CTV and video inventory in a centralized private marketplace.
  • Campaign measurement against attributable retail sales and household penetration.

"Our expansion into CTV and video demonstrates how retail media is driving greater accountability across the entire media supply chain," said Pratt. "We're proud to be working closely with brands and agencies as we make their programmatic advertising investments more effective and efficient."

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