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Letter from the editor

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Innovation Obsession

How retailers and suppliers think about innovation today has changed dramatically because their survival is at stake.

Use of the word friction in a retail context sounded strange the first time I heard it.

These are the drivers that reportedly will move the CPG retail industry into a brave new world that we can only imagine today.

The phrase "high-tech" entered the national lexicon in the 1960s as the computer and electronics industries took off. Before long, it became a synonym for anything modern and over time various sectors of the economy adopted the "tech" suffix to signify their advanced state of digital affairs.

The concept of SKU proliferation is nothing new. As consumers, we've watched as stores have gotten bigger and the number of choices in any given category has multiplied exponentially.

The cover of this issue features six impressive individuals whose efforts and those of the organizations they lead are needed now more than ever. The transition of power in the nation's capital, especially following a presidential election, is always a time of uncertainty, but never more so than fo

Football season is in full swing, and at some point this year a major controversy will arise at a crucial point in a game regarding whether a player caught the ball. The definition of "a catch" has become very nuanced thanks to technological advances such as high-resolution zoom lenses an

One of the best lectures I attended at the recent National Retail Federation show in New York didn’t mention retailing at all. It was by Laurence Gonzales, an author whom I have admired for decades for such works as “One Zero Charlie,” his memoir about learning to fly, and “Deep Survival,” a lo

Apple and Amazon are among the world's most admired companies and rightly so. Their innovative products, services and business models have fostered customer passion and loyalty and made them two of the world's most valuable companies.

The piece, "The reason your team won't take risks," is an exploration of the precarious balance between innovation and security that senior executives must maintain in order to grow their companies.

The holiday season will soon be here, and the national pastime of over-indulging will be on full display. Retailers will sell and Americans will eat large amounts of food containing salt, fat, sugar, cholesterol, gluten and a wide range of other hard-to-pronounce ingredients.

Amazon is the wave of the future in grocery—so the story goes. The internet delivery giant is regularly the subject of breathless journalism, usually on the internet, about how its market share in grocery is "exploding" and it's about to "kill your local grocer." Its year-

Not long ago I was waiting at the deli counter of my local supermarket when I saw a young couple nearby, perusing a printed circular in search of bargains. I had to fight down an impulse to tell them, “You’re millennials!

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