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Letter from the Publisher

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Spring is about to commence in Chicago, I think, maybe, hopefully, and it's the time of year that everything renews itself.

This issue marks the first anniversary of Retail Leader's launch, and I would like to thank the industry for its participation, our sponsors for their support and the Grocery Manufacturers Association for its partnership in this highly successful endeavor. In analyzing the critical issues of t

This issue presents a look back at 2012 and analyzes the most important developments in the food industry. In many ways, 2012 was the year of the independents, with promising growth experienced by grocery and c-stores.

This 2015 Leading Retailers issue highlights specific reasons and innovations that have garnered these premier companies well-earned recognition.

For much of the country winter is setting in, and that means re-adapting to winter driving. There's a metaphor here because winter driving can be nasty, just like the current global marketplace. And when you inevitably slide into that ice patch you have two choices: Hit the brakes, or step on it.

While I shopped at a couple of grocery stores recently, the differences between "shopper experience" were clearly evident. In one store, I was aimlessly looking for a product, but couldn't find anyone, anywhere, to direct me to it.

We've witnessed a major transformation of retail industry strategies during the past several years.

At the time you read this editorial, your company will be in the early stages of implementing your 2015 budget and business plan.

So, on my way back from the recent Stagnito Media's Hispanic 360 Conference in Las Vegas, I reflected on the many topics that had been discussed during that thought-provoking meeting.

According to our research, the major trends of interest to retail food companies include food safety, store brands, channel management, consumer perception of price/value relationships and nutrition, health and wellness.

Trends issues are especially interesting because they can predict and project what the future may look like, and because no one really knows, the prognosticators aren't really accountable.

We wish it was as easy when introducing a new product in the retail industry. Even the best of products, based on the traditional attribute of quality, generally stand only a 25 percent chance of succeeding.

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