Lowe’s Offers New Round of Employee Bonuses

Lowe’s Offers New Round of Employee Bonuses
Lowe’s Offers New Round of Employee Bonuses

Lowe’s will give pandemic bonuses to its employees in mid-July, the retail chain said Monday.

The bonuses will go to all “active hourly associations in Lowe's U.S. stores, distribution centers and store support centers,” the retailer said.

Full-time workers will get $300, while part-time and seasonal employees will get $150. Those bonuses match previous ones Lowe’s distributed in March and May. During the pandemic, Lowe’s has committed some $450 million to it employees and communities, it said.

"This year has been full of challenges and uncertainty, and we are tremendously grateful for the hard work, dedication and commitment of our front-line associates," said Marvin Ellison, Lowe's CEO and president. "At Lowe's, we believe that our homes and our communities unite us, and we thank our associates for providing our customers with essential products and services while supporting our communities and medical professionals."

The move comes as some other retailers are ending their pandemic bonus and extra pay programs even as some chains have permanently increased worker pay. As for Lowe’s, it said that it increased pay by $2 per hour in April for its full-time, part-time and seasonal associates.

The company also previously awarded $87 million in profit-sharing bonuses to front-line associates in June. The chain, like some others, also has now offers telemedicine services to all associates and their families, even if they do not take part in Lowe's medical plans.