Macy’s boost sales 60% with VR

Nearly 100 Macy’s stores are being equipped with virtual reality capabilities in what the company is calling the large VR rollout in retail history.

After a three store pilot resulted in 60 percent sales growth and product returns dropped to only 2 percent Macy’s is moving forward with a virtual reality expansion unrivaled in scope. The retailer and solutions provider, Marxent, said virtual reality capabilities have been expanded to 70 Macy’s stores that sell furniture and another 20 locations will be added by January 2019.

Macy’s and Marxent said their partnership is the largest virtual reality rollout in retail history and enables customers to discover products and make informed buying decisions that produce a magical combination of increased transaction size and reduced returns.

“Macy’s is constantly looking for ways to bring excitement and fresh experiences to our customers. Through the Macy’s VR furniture experience, we are giving our customers a new way to visualize a large selection of furniture products,” said Hal Lawton, President of Macy’s. “Customers design their living space and, using a VR headset, immerse themselves in the virtual rooms they create. VR is a practical application proven to drive sales and a terrific example of combining technology and the human touch.”

VR gives customers the ability to more accurately visualize their spaces and add multiple furnishings with confidence, according to the companies. The program also allows Macy’s to offer a full range of furniture in a dramatically smaller space.

“With Macy’s VR furniture experience, customers can take a 2D floorplan and transition it to 3D in real time,” said Beck Besecker, co-founder and CEO of Marxent. “Macy’s VR for furniture is an easy to use application and consumers have a huge selection to choose from. The technology decreases return rates and VR gives customers a real omnichannel experience.”

Another feature is an augmented reality furniture experience called “See Your Space IRL.” The technology allows customers to virtually place Macy’s furniture products in their actual living spaces. “See Your Space IRL” is now available on the Macy’s mobile app for iOS on the iPhone 7 and newer, and will be available on the Macy’s app for Android in 2019.