March / April 2014

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March / April 2014

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about March / April 2014.

Food retail executives are aware that on January 4, 2011, President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into law. And most are very aware that over the past 13 months, the U.S.

Photography by Vito Palmisano

Increasingly, as store footprints get smaller, category management is morphing as well. Less space on the shelf means more hard choices for category managers.

When Bob Graham, vice president of IT at Concord, Calif.-based beverage retailer BevMo!, walks into another company's headquarters and sees a large data center, he thinks about his own company, and its very different approach to IT. "What is our job? To sell beverages," he says.

Retailers in Japan raise convenience to an art. Well-trained clerks at the local konbini restock displays daily with everything from fresh fruit to clothing.

Consumer goods companies in the U.S. and Europe are finding post-recession growth difficult. Many consumer markets are mature and saturated.

Health and wellness can no longer be categorized as simply a trend in the retail space – 8 out of 10 FMI member companies recognize health and wellness as a competitive strategy.

Will retailers be loyal to loyalty programs? The idea of rewarding customers for repeat visits to a shop has been around almost as long as shopping itself.

A Letter from the President and CEO
Leslie G. Sarasin

CPG retailers who want to expand the number of their stores face the same choice that many supermarkets present to shoppers every day: Build it from scratch or buy it ready-made? When it comes to establishing new outlets, the two basic options for most CPG retailers are: organic growth, wher

Some major chains have announced in the past few years that they were removing self-checkout in an attempt to connect better with customers.

Many of the articles that appear in Retail Leader are centered around a change or shift in the marketplace that we've identified as relevant to senior executives working in CPG retail.

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