Market Track and Infoscout rebrand as Numerator

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Market Track and Infoscout rebrand as Numerator

By Louisa Hallett - 10/04/2018
Retailers and CPG companies have a new variable to factor into their growth equation.

Market Track, a provider of global omnichannel market intelligence for brands and retailers, and InfoScout, which helps brands and retailers grow via insights derived from America’s largest omnichannel consumer purchase panel, announced that both companies will unite under the new brand Numerator.

According to the companies, comprehensive rebrand reflects the joint company’s commitment to delivering an integrated marketplace view that enables clients to better connect with consumers and elevate their top line.

“We’re proud of what we have delivered to clients as Market Track and InfoScout,” said Dennis Moore, Chief Executive Officer of Numerator. “And, we are incredibly excited about what we are bringing to market for our clients going forward as one unified company. The marketplace we measure and the clients we serve are undergoing rapid and dynamic change including advances in digital marketing, the rise of online commerce, and the re-shaping of retailing in an omnichannel world. We continually challenge ourselves and our clients and partners to monitor and lead the changes in the industry, and re-branding ourselves as Numerator is one of many steps we are taking to stay ahead of the changing landscape.”

Numerator is now uniquely able to link what people buy to the reasons and influences behind their purchases, combining the power of the InfoScout OmniPanel, which to-date has captured over 500 million brick-and-mortar and ecommerce purchase receipts, and the advertising (formerly Competitrack), promotion (formerly FeatureVision), ecommerce pricing (formerly 360pi) and digital shelf messaging that influence the path to purchase, according to the companies.

In an exclusive Retail Leader interview, Moore describes some of the retail industries top challenges when asked "What are some of the other top challenges your clients are expecting you to help them solve today?"

Moore: I’ll come back to digital and include omnichannel. One focus of our business is tracking advertising activity and 10 years ago it was mainly about television, magazine and radio ads. Every one of our clients now is asking us to track digital advertising. We do, but it is harder in a programmatic world when ads are very targeted to collect and maintain a representative library of all the ads that are out there. That is what clients are asking us to help them understand, who is doing what in the digital space.

The other thing that we hear repeatedly is people want to understand how volumes move between physical and digital. Everyone knows that online sales are growing, but in what categories, to what extent, and among which consumers?

Retail Leader: Is that why you bought InfoScout?

Moore: It is one of the things that made InfoScout appealing. Its panel contains purchase information from an individual’s in-store and online activity. Market Track is a company that as recently as five years ago was a promotions tracking company, but we recognized that the way people were using our promotion tracking information, which is largely to benchmark and verify, could be applied to other pockets of sales and marketing activity where there is a similar need.

Numerator also announced the launch of Enterprise Insights, a replacement for legacy panel data. Numerator Enterprise Insights provides shopper, consumer and innovation teams with a single view of their shopper’s path to purchase, streamlining decision-making and unlocking growth in an omnichannel market. Powered by the InfoScout OmniPanel, the new solution gives manufacturers a real-time measure of their brand health across online and offline channels.

“Today’s market demands that companies challenge the status quo and find new ways to connect with consumers,” says Moore. “Numerator Enterprise Insights gives manufacturers line of sight into what’s happening in the ‘blind spot’ channels that legacy panel data cannot capture. We’re thrilled to bring this solution to market to provide the insights that were, until today, thought to be impossible to get.”