A collection of news, articles and other featured content about May / June 2013.

May / June 2013

  • Making the Case for Efficiency

    Few in the food retail industry would dispute the assertion that collaboration, or the notion that stakeholders along the value chain should work together and share information, is good for all.
  • Websites and Mobile Apps: Communicating in the Digital Age

    Websites and mobile apps are popular means of communicating product information and promotions to today's tech-savvy consumers.
  • When It's Not All About Price

    Most retailers know the power of pricing in driving consumer behavior. Consistently low prices can lure shoppers away from a neighborhood location to stock up at a Walmart or Costco miles from their home.
  • Building a Bigger Tyson Foods

    Photography by Vito Palmisano
  • How Well Do You Know Thy Customer?

    Grocery retailers and CPG companies spend millions of dollars annually gathering, analyzing and applying consumer shopping data.
  • Management Advice For Perpetual Success

    During the past two months, I attended the IRI Summit, the National Restaurant Association Show and the National Confectioners Association Sweets & Snacks Expo.
  • Fighting Back Against Cyber Attacks

    When Scarborough, Maine-based Hannaford Bros. suffered a network breach in 2008 that exposed the payment data of 4.2 million customers, industry players vowed to tighten their data security.
  • Fresh Food Ripe with Opportunity

    The battle between traditional brick-and-mortar grocery and alternate channels has been heating up of late, with analysts and pundits trying their best to predict who will control the market in the future.
  • Six Key Shopper Trends for 2013

    Many reports focus on retail and technology trends but overlook the shopper. In "Guidance for 2013: Acting on Key Shopper Trends," Barrington, Ill.-based consulting firm Willard Bishop explores the most significant changes taking place among shoppers and what they mean for retailers.
  • On the Fast Track

    Faced with a mature market, lukewarm economy and a shrinking middle class, traditional supermarkets are battling for sales and market share with an ever wider number of competitors: mass merchandisers, discounters, limited-assortment formats, warehouse clubs, specialty stores, convenience stores, d
  • Customization for the Masses

    By now, retailers have heard about the importance of building relationships with shoppers, improving loyalty to stores and brands, and doing it all by customizing offerings and services for shoppers. To accomplish this, many already are customizing their offerings based on past experience, but they

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about May / June 2013.