May/June 2018

  • Aldi accelerates growth

    The German grocer’s onward march continues and with few visible weaknesses, competitors should be concerned.
  • Thinking like a startup

    Philosophy applies to trade associations too.
  • Magic maker

    Lolli & Pops’ formula of experiential stores, cutting edge technology and delightful service is a sweet lesson for retailers.
  • Winning with data

    EnsembleIQ CEO David Shanker speaks with Retail Leader about technology-driven disruption, shiny pennies, failure and his vision for establishing EiQ as the industry’s leading provider of business intelligence and growth enablement solutions.
  • A frictionless future

    Computer vision and machine learning solve the challenge of who took what and receipt accuracy at the Amazon Go store. Expectations of convenience will never be the same.
  • Sponsored authenticity

    New standards of accountability and expectations of performance are transforming the growing field of influencer marketing.
  • Getting comfortable being uncomfortable

    Nothing short of business continuity is at stake for retailers and suppliers who fail to achieve diversity — fast.
  • Skipping the trip

    Aggressive promotion of home delivery will impact store traffic, but the alternative is losing share to competitors moving fast to offer an increasingly in-demand service.
  • The most beautiful store in America

    Three years after opening a supermarket that helped revitalize downtown Cleveland the Heinen brothers are moving fast to leverage data and serve shoppers in new ways.
  • Profiting from trust

    Taking a stand on social issues is fraught with risk, but it is also essential to avoid, “no brand’s land."
  • How Come I Can’t…?

    Retail Leader’s parent company EnsembleIQ named a new CEO earlier this year. He promptly did what new CEOs do: assembled senior leadership, assessed our strengths and capabilities, and shared a vision to rally the troops.
  • The business case for diversity

    Ulta Beauty broke into the Fortune 500 this year thanks to a differentiated business model and a rare approach to gender diversity.