‘Modern’ convenience chain Foxtrot expands footprint

The new location in Washington, D.C.’s Farragut Square is not far from the White House and brings the total number of stores in the area to seven.
A photo of a Foxtrot store with tress in front.
  • Convenience store chain Foxtrot has expanded its footprint, opening another store in Washington, D.C.
  • The convenience store chain has more than two dozen stores, which offer local items, global pantry staples, and a full-service cafe.
  • Foxtrot also offers rapid 30-minute delivery and pick-up orders ready in five minutes.

Foxtrot, the chain of “modern” convenience stores, has opened another new location in Washington, D.C., as it continues to expand its footprint. 

The new store will be located on the street level of The Braner Building in the Farragut Square neighborhood of the city. The space will be 3,246 square feet and include in-store features synonymous with the chain, including a full-service cafe and a curated selection of craft beers and wines, according to a report from Commercial Observer

“Farragut Square is situated perfectly in Downtown D.C., and close to the White House, providing foot traffic from locals and travelers,” Foxtrot CEO Mike LaVitola told the outlet. “We hope to become a staple for on-the-go lunches, breakfast meetings, snacks before a tour and more.”

The convenience store last year secured $100 million in Series C funding as part of its effort to expand its physical retail presence. 

The retailer says it’s setting out to redefine the concept of a neighborhood corner store by creating an omnichannel experience for consumers. In addition to its physical stores, Foxtrot also offers 30-minute delivery and pick-up orders ready in five minutes. The store was founded in 2014 with the goal of creating a digital-first e-commerce platform that brings consumers local products and global brands, according to a previous release.  

Foxtrot also offers an assortment of products for delivery nationwide on its e-commerce platform Foxtrot Anywhere. The retailer last year also said it planned to grow its private-label offerings, which it introduced in 2021. Last year, Foxtrot said about half of its e-commerce and brick-and-mortar sales came from its private label, which accounted for about 30% of its offerings at the time. 

The chain already has several stores across the U.S. including six other locations in the Washington area, which includes nearby Virginia and Maryland. It also has stores in Austin and Dallas in Texas and in Chicago. The chain has more than two-dozen locations in total, according to its website, expanding its footprint from 16 stores at the beginning of last year.