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More ways to pay at Aldi

By Mike Troy - 09/22/2017

Aldi’s decision to roll out contactless payments gives it a competitive advantage by positioning it at the forefront of one of the most rapidly evolving areas of retail.

Giving shoppers a wide range of options when it comes to completing a transaction has become an important point of distinction for retailers and can even play a role in trip generation and shoppers satisfaction. Alid recognized both of these realities and now accepts all forms of contactless payment, including Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Android Pay at its roughly 1,700 stores.

The move is part of the company’s strategy to make grocery shopping smart, fast and easy. The way shoppers pay for merchandise, like many aspects of retail, is changing rapidly and payments is an area of profound change. Contactless systems are more popular in Europe thanks to higher penetration rates of payment terminals but the U.S. is heading that direction as well as shoppers expectations force retailers to provide the options. Not that swiping or dipping a credit card is a terribly burdensome process, but with contactless shoppers can pay for their groceries by tapping a contactless-enabled bank card, smartphone or other wearable device on a payment terminal. It removes a wee bit of friction from the payment process which is important to shoppers.

"We're continually innovating to provide our customers a faster, more efficient shopping experience that saves them time and money," said Jason Hart, CEO of Aldi. "Shoppers love Aldi because we build and run stores they can shop quickly. Contactless payment makes shopping at Aldi that much faster and more convenient."